Sony has just posted its Q2 earnings report and it doesn't look great as the the electronics multinational blames the Thai floods, a rising Yen and poor sales of TVs and PCs.

Sony's quarterly loss constituted of  $346 million and is projecting a $1.1 billion loss for the next quarter - leading up to March 2012.

And despite the production issues caused by the Thai flooding and previous Tsunami in Japan, the fact that the company has continued to post poor results in the last 4 years, whilst its TV division has seen a profit loss over the last 7 years must say something about the company's business model. Basically it's not quite right.

And to be fair the company has taken some steps to rectify this with dividing its TV business into three separate sections, although as the figures show there is still some ground to be gained.

The most interesting development, however, which could see Sony back on track, is the investment and new focus that it may take with its mobile division - as seen with its recent buy-out of long time mobile phone partners Ericsson.

A new focus here may bring many of Sony's highly successful current products together, connecting its PC, TV and console businesses. There have already been rumours surrounding its PS4 console taking on the Android operating system so it possibly makes sense.

It's certainly a highly competitive market so we wouldn't blame Sony for taking its time, and it has recently launched the Sony tablet P and S, but a strong mobile computing position, specifically phones and tablets, might go a long way.