Sony continues to seek forgiveness from its online customers, with another gesture aimed at getting PSN users back onside.

The latest deal is a 180 free trial to the Q Music Unlimited on PS3 (yep, Q - we're not sure if this means that Sony is ditching the Qriocity moniker already).

The free trial, which used to only last for 30 days, gives PSNers access to the basic Music Unlimited package, worth £3.99 per month.

This allows you to listen to millions of music tracks from your PlayStation 3, sync your existing music and playlists from your personal computers to My Library using Music Sync and listen to a variety of music channels sorted by era, genre or mood from the 7 million tracks at Sony's disposal.

To access the free trial, just log on to your PS3, click on the Music Unlimited service below the Music icon, download the app and follow the sign up instructions.

The trial is available to anyone over 18 with a PS3, who doesn't currently have a Music Unlimited deal and who lives in the UK, France, Germany, Spain, Italy, Ireland, Australia and New Zealand.