Following its attack on Sony Pictures Entertainment last week, internet bad-boy Lulzsec (or good-boy depending on your viewpoint) has made it clear that it isn't finished with the Japanese giant - proclaiming on Twitter that the hacking is set to continue, and posting a torrent of "54MB collection of SVN Sony Developer source code".

Speaking on the micro-blogging platform, the activist organisation - which recently posted the entire list of US X-Factor contestants' names, phone numbers and addresses, and also hacked the PBS News Hour site and created a fake story which said Tupac was secretly alive - said:

"Just hit 50,000 followers. Thank you, twitter! In celebration, Sony hack 16 & 17 coming up soon! #Sownage #Celebration"

This was followed by a link to the torrent file, which also purportedly contains "internal network maps of Sony BMG".

Previously, Lulzsec also exposed 75,000 music redemption codes, 3.5 million digital music coupons and the database layouts for, Sony BMG Belgium and Sony BMG Netherlands - so it's pretty clear that it means business.

Tough times indeed at Sony Towers.