According to a report in the Financial Times, Sony is all set to launch an iTunes competitor over in Berlin at its IFA press conference.

The subscription based music and video service is reportedly on course for a 2011 launch, with deals with the major record labels and studios all in the pipeline.

The service, which would take over from the defunct Sony Connect music store that closed in 2008, would use the PlayStation 3 as its hub, and would work across all of Sony's entertainment range including Walkmans, Vaio computers, Bravia TVs and Blu-ray players as well as Sony Ericsson mobiles.

The Financial Times report points towards a statement made by Howard Stringer, president of Sony, last year when he said that 90 per cent of all Sony products would connect to each other and the web by 2011.

Pocket-lint has long thought that Sony would resurrect Connect in some way. It seems an obvious move when you consider the amount of web-enabled devices in Sony's armoury and the fact that they are are media-friendly, in terms of playback at least.

We will, of course, be present at the Sony presser at IFA - so stick around for official confirmation of the music service plus any other news that breaks.

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