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(Pocket-lint) - Snapchat and Google have announced a tidy little partnership as part of Google's big launch event for the Google Pixel 6 line, which will see the new smartphone become the single quickest option for making Snaps once a new feature launches.

The option, called "Quick Tap to Snap", will let Pixel 6 owners add a shortcut to phone, using a tap on the back of the phone to open Snapchat's "Camera Only" mode, letting them quickly grab photos or video of the moment before it passes.

Once the Snap is ready to send, they can then unlock their phone to actually go about doing so, deferring that slightly time-consuming part until after they've got their content ready. That's a smart little shortcut that avid Snapchatters could well find rewarding.

The partnership runs slightly deeper, though, with Snapchat also getting to take advantage of a few of Google's fanciest Pixel features, like its impressive live translation, which could make it easier to communicate through a language barrier on Snapchat.

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All of the features in question aren't live yet, and should come into play in the next few months, according to Snapchat, but they make an interesting proposition. It's rare for an app like this to get an advantage on a specific device, so we'll have to see if Snap shares the love with any other hardware down the line.

Writing by Max Freeman-Mills. Originally published on 19 October 2021.