Snapchat has partnered with the Bank of England, The National Gallery and the Tate for a filter than animates the new £20 note that goes into circulation today.

All you need is the new £20 note, Snapchat installed on a smartphone and the Snapcode below and you can see Turner's The Fighting Temeraire and his self-portrait come to life on the new currency using augmented reality.

If you can't find one of the new notes, you can also head to The National Gallery on Trafalgar Square in London where one will be on display in Room 34, along with the Snapcode for you to use there and then.

The polymer note features one of the UK's greatest artists, JMW Turner, on the rear for the first time, with his 1799 self-portrait and The Fighting Temeraire being amongst his most important works.

To use the £20 Turner AR lens, open Snapchat, point the camera at the Snapcode below, press and hold on the Snapcode to unlock the AR lens, hover over the new note and watch it transform.

Snap Inc

"The launch of the new £20 will result in Turner’s paintings being amongst the most widely distributed artworks in the UK, maybe even the world. We want to make sure that Snapchatters are encouraged to take note, look at the cash in their wallet and appreciate these great paintings. Hopefully this partnership will help introduce a whole new generation to one of Britain’s greatest ever painters."