A researcher, who has a knack for finding yet-to-be-announced updates in apps, has uncovered Snapchat's next big feature.

The app seems to be developing a new events tool, likely to compete with Facebook, which has long offered its users a way to create events and invite other users to them. This feature was discovered in Snapchat’s code by Jane Manchun Wong, though it's still unclear how it works.

Wong posted a screenshot to show how the interface looks. From what we can tell, it allows you create an event, pick a time and a place, etc. The feature also allows you to assign events to specific locations. And swiping up on an invite lets recipients join a group chat for the event.

We could imagine the feature being integrated with Snapchat’s Snap Map, which debuted last year as a way to show you where your friends are at any given time (if they've enabled location tracking in Snapchat). Snapchat could even enable public events with its incoming feature, and not just private events between friends. That way you could see, say, a local concert nearby and which of your friends are there.

That's just us guessing, however. The feature is still in development, so it's hard to know what Snap has envisioned for it. We’ve contacted Snap for more information about its events feature and will update you when we get a response.

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