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(Pocket-lint) - Snap is coming up with new ways to get you to use Snapchat, and the latest example includes selfie filters for cats.

Let's be clear: Cats are amazing and beautiful and don't need any special enhancements. They already look adorable in photographs. But, if you wanted to bring your cat's selfie game up a notch (if that's even possible), you can use Snapchat filters, also known as lenses.

Snapchat makes augmented reality-based filters called Lenses. There are a couple types of Lenses available: Face Lenses, which augment your face; and World Lenses, which augment the world around you. Snapchat's Lenses were originally programmed to recognise and augment humans and their surroundings. They weren't meant to be used on, say, animals. Now, however, they work on cats.

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As spotted by the BBC, Snapchat's filters can now recognise your cat. You can put your feline's head into a slice of bread, or put cute pink eyeglasses on them, and so on. Technically, last year, the company introduced object recognition, allowing custom filters to work on some dog breeds. Snapchat must've realised that dogs drool and cats rule, because now cats are officially supported.

This announcement came weeks after Snap, Snapchat's parent company, reported Snapchat lost three million daily users in three months.

Writing by Maggie Tillman.