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(Pocket-lint) - Snapchat has just announced some new features that it should have had already – group video chat plus the ability to @ mention people in their story (just like on every other social platform, some might say). 

Your story viewers will be able to swipe up on your Snaps to watch the tagged account’s public story or add them as a friend. You’ll be notified in chat if you’be been tagged in a friend’s story.

This is what it looks like when you're tagging people:

Snapchat Snapchat rolls out group video chat and mentions image 2

Group video chat will be for up for 16 Snapchatters and you’ll be able to use face lenses during the calls.

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Just tap the video icon in a Group Chat to get started; each friend will receive a notification inviting them to join the call. If you’re in the unusual position of needing to talk to more than 16 people at once, then you can double the number just by using voice - up to 32 friends can join a group voice chat. Tap the phone icon in a Group Chat to kick off a group voice call.

You can choose to join a video chat with just your voice or you can toggle between video and voice in case you haven’t got dressed yet.

How to start a group call on Snapchat

  1. Simply enter an existing Group Chat, or create a new Group with the friends or family you’d like to see.
  2. Tap the video icon to start a live group video call, or tap the phone button to start a voice chat. Each group member will be notified that they’ve been invited to a call.
  3. When a group member opens the call, their name bubble will light up above your keyboard. This lets you know they’re on the group call, too.

Group Video Chat and Mentions will be rolling out to Snapchatters globally over the next few weeks.

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Writing by Dan Grabham.
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