(Pocket-lint) - Snapchat has become unnecessarily complicated.

We've published so many guides on how the app works and how you can take full advantage of its features, and yet, it updates every other week, which throws a wrench into the mix and makes it complicated for users to figure out. The latest example? Snapchat is rolling out a new tool that allows you to create custom face lenses and new text caption styles for your snaps. Here's how that works.


What's new with Snapchat Lenses?

So, let's start from the beginning: Lenses are augmented-reality masks that you can overlay onto your face. Just open Snapchat, which will immediately bring up the Camera screen, then, while the sensor is facing toward you, tap the screen so that a row of lenses will appear alongside the capture button. Lens options may include AR-like puppy ears, flower crowns, puking rainbows, etc.

Snapchat lenses are free, initially. However, if you make a new or custom one yourself, they start at $9.99 and go up depending on the size of the location you’ve chosen (covering anywhere from 20,000 to five million square feet), as well as the duration of the lens and other factors. Snapchat's new custom lens tool is available from desktop browsers or through the Snapchat app on iOS at launch.

How do custom Lenses work?

You can choose from 150 different "custom" lens templates at launch. Each of these templates can be configured with your own text. This offering actually reminds us of Snapchat’s custom geofilters, which are more like decorative borders that you can swipe from left on the Camera screen to apply, only they're limited to a pre-defined location, such as your wedding venue or wherever.

To create a custom face lens in the Snapchat iOS app, tap on Settings, then select Filters, and select Lenses. At that point, you can choose from one of the pre-made face lens templates. You can also add custom text, if you desire. Just keep in mind that Snap recommended you complete your custom lens purchase at least three hours before an event, like a wedding, for it to be available.

What else do you need to know?

Well, also launching now are new font styles for captions on both your photo and video snaps. The new fonts include styles like brush, italic, glow, gradient, rainbow, fancy, and old English. You can choose one or two different fonts for each snap.

When will custom Lenses be available?

This custom - or "Create Your Own" - lens feature is available now in the US on both web and in the Snapchat app on iOS. Snap, the company, said global and Android availability is “coming soon.” Meanwhile, the new caption options are rolling out for both iOS and Android.

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Writing by Elyse Betters. Editing by Maggie Tillman.