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(Pocket-lint) - Snapchat's latest feature combines 3D effects with augmented reality.

The app has launched a new type of world lenses. Snapchat first introduced world lenses last year. They're a filter of sorts not limited to selfies. While standard lenses let you try on an augmented reality effects like flower crowns or a dog nose in real time, world lenses manipulate the world around you - not just your face. With them, you can, for instance, show falling snow in the background of a shot.

Now, Snapchat offers 3D versions of world lenses.

Snapchatsnapchat just added 3d world lenses see how they look and work here image 2

The initial lineup includes a cloud, rainbow, flowers, and a floating “OMG”. Like regular lenses and world lenses, they will be changed out daily. Simply open Snapchat, and while on the Camera screen, tap and hold down on your screen. You may see a web graphic, which indicates Snapchat is trying to recognise the environment and serve up lenses. Once it's done thinking, you'll see a row of lens options appear.

Snapchat's new 3D world lenses appear alongside regular lenses and world lenses. If you're unsure if it's a 3D world lens, simply select one to try it out. You should see a 3D effect on the lens. You will able to place it anywhere on the screen, and because it also uses augmented reality technology, it'll behave as if the object exists in the real world. So, if you walk away from it, it'll get smaller.

Watch the video below to see some examples:

Writing by Elyse Betters. Originally published on 19 April 2017.