(Pocket-lint) - Snapchat is one of the most popular apps around.

It lets you share photos and video which will self-destruct after a few seconds of the recipient viewing them and that makes for a simple, quick and, sometimes, funny way to communicate. And that means you can post embarrassing moments without fear of them spread around the internet, right?

Ahem. Think again.

Thanks to recipients' screengrabs many a funny foible has been easily shared regardless. So follow us down the road of the best Snapchat fails from around the web. There are some real corkers in here!


A bad car day

When remote locking fails, there used to be the option of using a physical key to open the door, but when this sort of fail happens you know you're having a bad day.

This poor soul has managed to pull the entire locking mechanism out of the door while attempting to open their car. 


Posthumous failure

We assume this coffin wasn't properly secured and someone is going to get reprimanded. At least the customer is in no position to complain. 


Weird and wonderful toilets

We've heard of and seen some fairly interesting toilet designs in our time. From holes in the ground, to urinals shaped like people's heads, but this one is something special. You could be forgiven for thinking this photo was just taken at a weird angle, but nope, that's a toilet in the floor. 


Making a ham of face swaps

The face swapping feature of Snapchat probably warrants an article all of its own. There are plenty of great face swap fails out there, but this one is something pretty special.


The dog that has seen things

This dog has seen some things that would make your hair curl. Either that or just another wonderful Snapchat photo for us to all chortle at. 


An inexplicable accident

This Snapchat inexplicably catches a driver somehow crashed into a lamp post in an otherwise empty car park.

An impressive display of driving incompetence if ever there was one.


Gordon Ramsay would not be pleased

We've all seen some cooking disasters in our time, but this one looks more like a chemistry experiment gone wrong than an explosive chilli on the simmer.

How did that pan lid embed itself in the ceiling? Some mysteries we'll never know the answer to. Good luck explaining that one to the landlord.


Hotdog legs

Hotdog legs was a bit of an internet sensation for a while – photographs of legs at the beach that could just as easily be a pair of hotdogs. This Snapchatter has taken it to a new level by not only not using their legs and also by not even being on holiday.


Gravity and ice cream don't mix

If you thought missing out on a burger was bad, just look at the size of this ice cream and the mess that followed shortly after it was purchased.

Is there any worse pain on a hot day than an ice cream gone but not forgotten?


When you're hungry, you're hungry

If you're out late and are feeling peckish, there's always the McDonald's drive through, you'll certainly see some sights, but not usually a coffin hanging out of the car in front.


Game vs girl

They say the way to a man's heart is through his stomach. But whoever said that had never heard of FIFA or the overpowering lure of videogames. Here we can have a good chortle at an oblivious chap focused on his game rather than on the girl.


Play rugby they said, it'll be fun they said

We know rugby can be a fairly rough sport, but this chap is not having a great time on his first outing. We're not sure who's coming off worse here, but someone surely got hurt. 


An interesting game of fetch

This one is not necessarily a failure, but rather an interesting game of fetch. We're impressed by this dogs ability to hold multiple large branches in his mouth at the same time. 


A woodpecker with attitude

This little chap has got some serious attitude. He's also making light work of a decent sized tree. We wonder if that's as satisfying as it is messy?


A bad case of the Mondays

We all love a good dad joke and this one is a real corker. A worker poses for a Snapchat while carrying a box of plaques or stickers with "Monday" emblazoned on them. Sullen look on his face. Perfect. 


The spoilt cat

Cats have a bad reputation for being pretentious and selfish creatures. Some owners really don't help breaking these norms. This cat is particularly well catered to with an iPad for gaming, a tent for privacy and no doubt a spot of the finest tuna for dinner.


Man's best friend?

You think you're having a bad day? Imagine relaxing in the sunshine and then having your peace disturbed by rain, only it's not a summer shower, it's something far worse.


That is not how you do laundry

Anyone would think that Snapchatters we're incapable of doing their washing without causing chaos or at least that they're always around when the carnage ensues. This unlucky homeowner will at least have clean carpets if nothing else.


When life gives you lemons

Sometimes, life just really doesn't seem like it's going your way. All you want is a burger, but the system has other ideas.


Awkwardly spelt names

Coffee shops have a bit of a reputation on the internet for poor spelling of awkward names, but this one tickled our funny bone.

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Like hot butter through a knife

Another case of the wrong tool for the job or perhaps a classic case of buy cheap, buy twice, this Snapchat catches a bread knife being broken by butter. An impressive feat indeed.


The robot uprising

Automated robot vacuum cleaners are great in theory. Never lift a finger to clean your floors again – that is until man's best friend decides to leave a present on the rug and the automated cleaning cycle kicks in shortly afterwards. There's no poop avoidance technology built into these mechanical cleaners. A real first world problem if ever we've seen one, certainly leads to some hilarious stories though.


Eggstordinary workday disaster

We're not eggsagerating when we say this looks like a clucking bad day at the office. They say you can't make an omelette without breaking a few eggs, these chaps must be trying to set a record for the world's biggest omelette. Whatever they're up to it's not going to be fun to clean up. At least things can only get better.


Naked snaps

Pretty sure that's not what he meant when he said "send nudes" and again, let us remind you not to Snapchat and drive.


Snaps that require further explanation

Some photos require further explanation, some are better left as a mystery. What happened here? Did this woman take a sausage to the eye? Was she attacked by a hungry bear? We'll never know.


Careful driving is important

Driving carefully helps prevent accidents but properly securing paint tins also stops unnecessary painting of vehicle interiors. Let us hope this driver managed to make it out unscathed.


Very punny

Puns, you either love them or hate them. This one seems like a lot of mess to just create a mildly funny Snapchat message.


Signs that haven't been thought through

Some signs need to be checked for their logic. This one clearly wasn't thought through properly. But maybe we should have a group discussion about it.


You had one job

A classic case of taking things too literally, this bar of soap is now no use to anyone – except perhaps to give us some chortles on the internet.


Two wrongs don't make a right

Sometimes, when you think things couldn't possibly get any worse, they do. This poor Snapchatter tried dislodging their stuck sandwich by inserting more money into the vending machine to buy a drink. It didn't end well.


Rise of machines

Another work based disaster caught on camera. This time the printer finally had enough and fought back. From the photo it looks like some poor person was caught in the toner explosion as you can see two footprints in the black cloud on the floor. Must have been a Monday.


Delicious chocolate cake

They say the first bite is with the eye. This Snapchatter certainly regretted taking the second bite when they ended up washing their mouth out instead. At least when they swore they'd already done the punishment.


Not your everyday traffic jam

We all hate getting stuck in traffic, stuck behind a slow driver stopping us from getting from a to b. But when the cause of the jam is a long-legged creature what can you do but sit and wait patiently.


A mess in the bathroom

There is a certain established etiquette to toothpaste use and whether you believe you should squeeze from the bottom or the middle, you can certainly agree that this mess is not right.


A lesson in using the proper equipment

In this photo, we see how one Snapchatter learnt a valuable lesson in why it's important to use the right equipment for the job. This shelf above the fireplace was barely strong enough to hold this rather large and weighty television.

Probably time for an upgrade to 4k anyway.


Don't Snapchat and drive

Using your phone while driving is irresponsible and dangerous, you never know what you might hit while driving and not paying attention.

*No Unicorns were killed in the making of this Snapchat (we assume).


The ignorant tourist

We adore the selfie generation and there's nothing better than an ignorant tourist blissfully unaware of what they're snapping.


Unlucky in love

There's not much in life that pizza can't fix perhaps with the exception of obesity. Our cheesy friend is certainly a comfort for loveless life but you'd hope that the furry friend would be there for you too though. Remember that sharing is caring.


The bird selfie

Never work with children or animals. There's a reason why these old clichés hold true. This Snapchatter felt that misery when he got a short sharp peck to the eye from his feathered friend.  


Washing machine novice

Quite how you can manage to set fire to a washing machine while doing laundry is beyond us. Perhaps this person didn't read the instruction labels properly or used petrol instead of washing powder, whatever happened, it's certainly not great.

Don't try this at home and please, if there's a fire, put it out first, Snapchat later.


When advertising goes wrong

If your business is predicting the future and knowing the unknown, then it's no doubt fairly embarrassing when your sign collapses onto your car. Not a great advert for your business either.


Wallpaper face

Another classic face swap faux pas, this poor chap had his face swapped with some rather colourful floral wallpaper rather than the vision of Jesse Eisenberg showing on the TV. What's more amusing is when you spot his face on the wall amongst the flowers. 


How'd you even get stuck there?

This person is clearly having an embarrassing day as the fire brigade have to be called to help them dislodge their head from between the bars of this supporting strut. Nightmare. How does someone even get stuck there? What were they doing? So many questions, so few answers. 



There are a few stories like this one online. Criminals bragging that the police can't catch them while they pose with stacks of money, the plunder from a robbery or in this case, just where they're hiding out. The police soon caught up with this chap though. 


Soups up

Not a fan of drinking excessive amounts of alcohol at parties? This chap has the perfect solution, simply fill your cup with soup and sup on that whenever someone else is chugging. Delicious and the added bonus of keeping you full with something to dilute any booze you might consume. 

Writing by Adrian Willings.