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(Pocket-lint) - Remember MTV Cribs? It's been given a second chance to live.

The show launched on the US cable network in 2000, allowing various celebrities to give viewers tours of their mansions. Pharrell Williams, Pam Anderson, 50 Cent, and so many others participated. In fact, the most watched and replayed episode was a special one-hour edition of Mariah Carey's New York penthouse, where she stripped down and took a bath in a towel.

Now, a new generation can experience the same show, as MTV announced it will revive MTV Cribs. It'll be a short-form series specifically for Snapchat. MTV's parent network, Viacom, has a multi-year agreement with Snapchat, and MTV launched a dedicated Snapchat channel in February, so it's not surprising to learn MTV will use Snapchat to resurrect a popular series.

Many celebrities already use Snapchat - such as Kim Kardashian and Jared Leto - and their followers often get glimpses of the stars' homes and properties as they broadcast Stories. But in the retooled MTV Cribs, celebrities will really focus on taking their Snapchat followers through their home by speaking to the camera and providing intimate details, according to Variety.

Mac Miller, Austin Mahone, and Travis Mills will be among the first to showcase their mansions on MTV Cribs for Snapchat. It's unclear how long each episode will last, but the series will live under MTV's Snapchat Discover channel.

We also don't know yet when the show will premiere.

Writing by Elyse Betters. Originally published on 21 April 2016.