Mobile app Snapchat has announced a new feature called Geofilters. They're photo filters that become available to you whenever you're in a specific city or location.

To unlock Geofilters, open the Snapchat app, then snap a photo like you normally would, and swipe on your screen. And that's it. In a just-released promotional video that shows off the feature, you can see photo filters for places and neighborhoods like Disneyland and Malibu. However the feature has limited availability at the moment. Only two cities have received support at launch, though several locations in those cities offer Geofilters.

"We’ve had a lot of fun drawing up new filters for special locations in Los Angeles and New York," announced Snapchat through a rather brief blog post published on Tuesday. "Swipe right on the preview screen to check them out – they’ll change depending on which neighborhoods you’re in! Although you’ll need to enable location services for this feature, we don’t store your location."

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Snapchat is an app for Android and iOS devices that lets you capture photos and videos - called Snaps. You can add text and drawings to Snaps, and then send them to contacts. Your recipient can instantly view the Snaps, but only for a few seconds or whatever amount of time you designate, after which the Snap will disappear from both the recipient's device and Snapchat's servers.

Geofilters are available starting today. Watch Snapchat's video above for more information.