Skype has confirmed that the new iPhone app, that it launched earlier in April, has beaten expectations.

"We knew it was going to be popular, but these figures really back that feeling up", a spokesman told Pocket-lint.

And those numbers? It seems the number of people wanting to make calls via the VoIP service on their iPhone or iPod touch is quite a few.

The company has confirmed that total downloads has reached 2.8 million so far with around 280,000 of those users in the UK.

"This accounts, on our estimates, for around 10% of all iPhone and iPod touch users", our man at Skype told us.

Skype, which only this morning announced that it has over 433 million users says that it is still planning to launch a BlackBerry version shortly.

According to the company Skype now accounts for 8% of all international calls.