Pocket-lint can confirm that 3 is planning to launch a new model of its VoIP-capable Skypephone.

The initial source of this news are shots showing a possible new device that seems to have the same candy bar form factor and large, dedicated Skype button.

Made by Amoi, who manufactured the first model, this will apparently boast a 3.2-megapixel camera - an improvement on the initial model's 2MP offering.

Confusingly, it's being suggested that the device is targeted for 2G networks, leaving serious doubt as whether this model is indeed the Skypephone 2.0.

But, we have heard direct from 3 who has confirmed it is hard at work on a new model, with a 3 spokesperson providing the statement as follows:

"We are working on a new 3 Skypephone to follow on from the success of the first version."

"Right now we're keeping the details to ourselves, but as a 3G-only network we'd suggest this report is best taken with a generous pinch of salt."