The question over what really did happen to cause the two day Skype outage is still rumbling on, but some companies did benefit from the VoIP giant's problems.

JAJAH has announced that new user registrations jumped more than 50% since Friday.

JAJAH, free to try and doesn't require a download, headset or a contract, seemed to attract Skype users desperate for an alternative.

"As soon as Skype went down, we started to see our numbers climb", said Roman Scharf, JAJAH co-founder.

"Thousands of users searched for alternative ways to contact friends and family and JAJAH was ready to serve up endless free and low cost calls."

"Being long-time Skype fans, we are happy that they are up and running again. At the same time, we are glad we were able to provide back-up for consumers that needed a quick alternative during their outage."

Unlike traditional VoIP services like Skype, JAJAH calls are received over regular landline or mobile phones. If both users are registered, JAJAH calls are free for 30 minutes a day to the most called places on Earth. If the calls are not free, they are low cost, link below.