If you regularly spend a small fortune calling an international phone number from your mobile you’ll save money with Skype To Go.

As part of the global roll-out of Skype Pro, you can talk to your best friend abroad from your mobile phone without it costing an arm and a leg.

To use Skype To Go you have to download Skype onto your computer and sign up to Skype Pro for $3 per month then, as a Skype Pro customer, you will receive a Skype To Go number at no additional cost.

To activate your Skype To Go number, choose the friend or family member you want to call who lives abroad. Then simply enter their international number and in return, Skype To Go will give you a local number to use instead.

Having a Skype To Go number makes international calling from a mobile cheaper. For instance, calling your friend in Australia now costs the same as calling your friend across the street plus the SkypeOut rate for that country (about 1.2p a minute to 30 countries worldwide).

Other benefits of Skype Pro include 0 cents per minute calling to domestic landlines within the same country (connection fee applies), Skype Voicemail as well as discounts on Skype hardware and other extras.

For more info about Skype Pro follow the link below.