Skype is to offer customers the chance to make money selling their knowledge using a new beta software application called Skype Prime.

The service, which is available as apart of the company's latest version of Skype, Skype 3.1 for Windows, is a new marketplace which brings together those people who have expertise or knowledge to sell with others who are seeking advice and happy to pay for it.

Giving millions of people and small businesses the opportunity to charge for their expertise, Skype Prime is a new direction for the company.

Skype Prime offers Skype users the chance to make money and reach potential customers all over the world provided they are using Skype 3.1 for Windows.

According to the company, It is easy to set up and you can determine your own per minute or one-off fees. Skype Prime fees are paid using PayPal and subject to a rather large 30% charge by Skype for using the Skype Prime service.

Tamkivi adds that Skype Prime “is all about making the world a smaller place. If you are a financial advisor or astrologer, a sports coach or a tutor and you want to sell your expertise online, Skype Prime opens up a whole new market by letting you sell your knowledge to Skype’s global community”.

Skype has also announced the launh of SkypeFind, the latest in a series of features that give people more to do and share online.

Designed to be a community-generated guide, SkypeFind lets users rate, review and log their favourite businesses no matter where they live.