USRobotics has released another cordless VoIP phone in the UK market, the 9630, which comes with a base station and handset and is compatible with the upcoming 9631 handset.

The base station connects to a traditional phone line as well as a USB port on the PC running Skype to make and receive Skype calls as well as ordinary telephone calls. It supports up to 3 more handsets on the same line.

The handset has a 50 meter range indoors and a 300 meter outdoor range, and integrates a speakerphone. An LCD provides calling information as the handset displays both Skype Caller ID and telco provider Caller ID. The battery lasts for 120 hours on standby and 10 hour of talk time.

The 9630 is priced at £80, while the 9631 won't be available until November and will cost £40.