Just when you think you've seen everything, along comes a truly useful device with that “wow” factor. The CLB800BT Bluetooth Laser Projection Keyboard gives you the ability to type on a fully-size QWERTY keyboard while using a PDA, smartphone, or other small emailing device.

Keystrokes made on the Laserkey's projected keyboard are detected by a sensor and “invisible infrared laser”, which transmits what you're typing to your portable device via Bluetooth or via a serial port. The battery lasts for about 3.5 hours of continuous usage.

It has to be projected on to a non-reflective, opaque flat surface, and is visible in ambient light of 1000-5000 lux or in incandescent light of 1800 lux or more.

We don't know how accurately it picks up keystrokes, but it should be able to keep up with 400 characters a minute, which should be enough to keep up with most people's typing skills.

You can buy the laser projected keyboard for £120 from www.laptopstuff.co.uk.