Skype is bringing VoIP service to the masses with a slew of new handsets from manufacturers including Belkin and Netgear.

"We want to give people the freedom to move around while talking and have access to Skype wherever they are – whether in front of a computer or while moving around the home or office", said Alistair Shrimpton, UK Market Development Manager for Skype.

"Now people can make wireless internet calls and enjoy the great Skype cost savings and sound quality free of a computer."

The phones can connect to Skype using any Wi-Fi access points, whether at home, or at any Wi-Fi hotspot around town.

Skype contacts are always available, as the phones automatically synchonise to a Skype account and contacts.

The phones from Belkin, Edge-Core, Netgear, and SMC won't be available until the Autumn through Skype's