Mac users will finally be able to join PC users in being able to make calls via Skype using a handset rather than a headset with a new USB phone.

Made by realitively unknown company IPEVO and available from, the Free-1 Skype USB Phone is available in black or white and comes with a host of programmable buttons.

Coming with ten different ring tones to alert users of incoming calls from the mother-in-law, other functions include volume control, mic mute, speed dial, and LED light indication.

The Skype phone in controlled either via the software or the Buddy jog wheel at the top of the unit. The wheel allows users to select other skype users easily.

The device also features something called anti-crosstalk technology. Crosstalk is when 2 different voices or sounds are being transmitted simultaneously Crosstalk can cause static, delays and/or echo which detracts from the conversation.

To prevent such cases, free-1 is created with the hollow mouthpiece structure. This design allows for optimal distance between the speaker and mouthpiece to minimize the chance of echo. The hollow mouthpiece design creates a more realistic experience rather than speaking over the Internet.

The handset comes with both Windows and Mac drivers and costs £30 or $54.