Skype, the VoIP software that allows you to talk for free over the internet seems to be going from strength to strength. The company has announced that the software has been downloaded over 100million times.

The latest version of the software comes with SkypeIn and Skype Voicemail paid for services as the company attempt to push the software as the number one option for talking on the web.

SkypeIn will let users get regular phone numbers and receive calls from landline or mobile phones without having to pay roaming charges. Test period would allow the users to purchase as many as three numbers with the facility available in Denmark, Finland, France, Hong Kong, Norway, Sweden, UK, and USA.
On the other hand, Skype Voicemail allow users to receive voicemail messages of up to 10 minutes from any traditional phone.

Three month SkypeIn subscriptions are available for £7 ($13) and 12 month subscriptions for £20 ($39). Skype Voicemail subscriptions are available for £3.50 ($7) for 3 months or £10 ($19) for 12 months, and a free subscription is included with all SkypeIn orders.