Siemens launched over eight landline handsets today. Amongst the usual array of phone, phone with answerphone built-in, phone without answerphone built-in where two very interesting product launches. Firstly the Gigaset SL740 and secondly the Gigaset M34 USB PC Adapter.

The former, Siemens boasts, is the first landline phone geared towards the home market to include a digital camera. In a move similar to mobile phone handsets, the phone will feature a VGA camera; allow MMS messaging and support Polyphonic ring tones.

The Gigaset M34 USB PC Adapter is also a world's first. It takes the crown for being the first consumer internet telephony and messaging solution for cordless phone products. Developed in partnership with Skype Technologies S.A., the global peer-to-peer telephony company. The Gigaset M34 USB PC Adapter will offer an open interface to enable third party solution providers to integrate cordless phones into their applications for VoIP, messaging and home control.

The M34 USB PC Adapter is available now while the SL740 is available next month