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(Pocket-lint) - Microsoft has announced that it will soon make available a version of Skype that runs in a browser. That means you will be able to just about use any device to make a Skype call or keep in touch with friends, family or colleagues, not just one with a desktop client or app installed.

Skype for Web will be launched in a beta version and will run in a browser window across all browsers, including Internet Explorer, Chrome, Firefox and Safari, so you can even use it in an Internet cafe far from home. All of your profile details and contacts will be instantly accessible once you sign in.


You won't need to download a client as such, but the computer in use will need a small plug-in for the service to work just before you make your first call. In future, the team wants to make real-time communication over the internet more seamless, but it won't take long to get up and running.

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The Skype for Web service will start to roll out for a handful of users when they log into Skype.com in the coming weeks. It will then continue a wider rollout soon. Keep checking into your account on the net version to find out if you have an invite to try it out.

Writing by Rik Henderson.