Skype has changed its mind and will continue supporting third-party hardware through its applications, a Skype spokesman told Pocket-lint.

The Microsoft-owned company originally planned to shut down its API fully last week, taking with it third-party headsets and video cameras . The Skype community was a tad outraged, as supported hardware they had thought would work forever was threatened. Luckily, Skype has changed tve controversial policy.

Skype says it will continue supporting hardware until "it determines alternative options or retire the current solution". Third-party applications that can record conversations will also remain supported. However, as originally outlined, chat via third-party applications will cease to work by December 2013.

"Skype understands the investments it's making to improve the Skype experience will take time for developers to implement," Skype told Pocket-lint. "This is why they’ve extended support for call recording and accessories until December."