Skype has announced it will end its desktop API in December, 2013 - after seven years of availability.

As well as third-party software not working, supported headsets, cameras, and other accessories will cease to work in roughly a month's time. Skype has already begun the process, giving people a warning through a dialogue box that quickly disappears. (Update: Skype has back-tracked with headsets and cameras, still plans to shut down apps.)

Skype - which in reality is Microsoft - blames its work in mobile for the API shutdown.

"We've been working hard to develop new technologies and make improvements that will benefit Skype users across all platforms, especially on mobile devices," the company wrote on its website. "These changes will significantly improve the call quality and speed of delivery of instant messages, while retaining excellent battery life of mobile devices."

Microsoft says third-party headsets' audio will still work, though not their call control buttons. There's no specific on cameras as of yet.