Skype has updated Skype for Mac to version 6.9, improving screen sharing so Mac owners can now share a specific window with another Skype user rather than their entire screen. 

It's not a huge update, but it's definitely an interesting one for people who need to collaborate from different work stations but don't want to share absolutely everything on their screen. In addition to improved screen sharing, there's now support for Swedish, Finnish and European Portuguese.

Skype also added some tweaks in the update. For instance, the Toolbar search field will list phone numbers for Mac contacts. Skype even adjusted the mouse cursor so it now renders as a hand over links.

Other changes include chat messages always appearing and a fix for a bug that caused the name field to overlap the mood message on some contact profiles.

Download the latest version of Skype for Mac today to get access to all the latest features of the popular messaging client. The desktop app requires Mac OS X Snow Leopard and above and 100 MB of free disk space.