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(Pocket-lint) - An update for Skype for Windows 8 has hit the Windows Store, bringing video messaging to the application version of the software.

The Windows desktop version saw video messaging added yesterday, which works on versions of Microsoft's operating system from Windows 7 and up, but that was only on the latest Beta build of Skype. The Windows 8 app is the consumer build.

Video messaging has been tested by Skype on multiple platforms for a while. Mac, iOS and Android versions have offered the ability in preview form since February and now Windows 8 gets in on the action.

To send a video, all you have to do is tap on the plus symbol underneath a person's picture in their chat screen and the option to send a video message appears. Record one and it will appear in their feed. When receiving one, you'll see a thumbnail appear in your own chat feed. Simple.

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It's remarkably similar to the Mac version we tested a couple of months ago.

We've no word yet on whether Skype for Windows Phone has gone live with video messaging as well yet, but it can't be long if it hasn't appeared as an app update for your phone already.

Writing by Rik Henderson.
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