Microsoft-owned Skype has announced several updates to its Windows and Mac application in version 6.2. 

The most notable addition is a new "eGifting" feature for both platforms, if you're not the physical gift-giving type. EGifting allows users to send each other Skype credits on their birthday, especially useful for those on the receiving end who find themselves making calls on Skype more often than not. 

Version 6.2 of Skype for Windows brought along several new features to the platform. Microsoft has released a redesigned top toolbar that groups actions such as calling, creating groups, and adding contacts to your address book, into one main panel. Additionally, users can now send a message by simply entering ctrl+enter on their keyboard. 

skype 6 2 released for windows and mac adding egifting skype credits image 2

As for the Mac version, the features are a little lighter. Users can now send one-way SMS without verifying their mobile number. Additionally, bug fixes were added that include correct Skype credit amount displayed, random force quits, and resolving the issue where Skype does not hang when signing out of a Facebook account. 

You can update to the latest version of Skype right from the application.