Welcome to Skype up your life week, a series of articles, interviews, tips and tricks, that will help you get more out of using Skype whether it is on the desktop, your tablet, your phone, or your TV.

We’ve got 25 articles on Skype for you to enjoy.

Over the week we've got lots of great content planned including things like how to make your Skype calls look and sound better, and how some people are even making a living by teaching others over Skype - guitar lessons anyone?

We will also have reviews of webcams, headsets and the like to ensure you get the most out of your communications with whoever you are talking to, whether that's your family, your work colleagues, or just your mates before you head down to the pub. 

So sit back and be prepared to "Skype up your life" over the next five days.

You can find more at our dedicated Skype homepage.