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(Pocket-lint) - Skype can go way beyond just your computer. Not only can it run on everything from smartphones to your TV, but on your games consoles as well. Skype was one of the first apps for PS Vita and remains one of the best. But how does it work? Read on to find out.

Get a Skype account

Before getting started with Skype on your PS Vita, you will need an account. If you don't have one already, just head over to Skype’s sign-up page, which can be found here. From there, it's simply a case of handing over a few details.

Download Skype onto your PS Vita

Chances are you will already be familiar with the way the PS Vita’s store works. If not, then here’s a brief explanation as well as how to download Skype.

All you need to do is tap the PlayStation Store icon and log in. From there go to the social apps section of the store. You should then see Skype ready for you to download. If you don’t then you can search the PlayStation store for the app.

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The app will then download and install itself on to your PlayStation Vita’s home screen. It will look the same as any other app or game except it has a Skype icon. Tap it to fire it up.

Get to grips with the app

The Skype app is able to make video calls over both Wi-Fi and 3G. It uses a slightly different design and user interface from conventional Skype.

When you first open up the app there is a list of all your contacts. Tap one of these and you can make a call. To the right are details such as your profile page, call history and a dialer.

From the profile page you can change your status from online to offline as well as change call forwarding and even post a status message.

Make a video call

The real trick of Skype on the PS Vita is that you can run it in the background while you game. It lets you pause gameplay and switch out back to the app to make video calls.

All you do is tap on a contact and then choose between a video call or voice call. Hit the relevant icon and then wait for your friend to pick up. Simple as that.

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During a call you can switch between front and rear view cameras as well as mute microphones. If you hit the PS icon, then you can switch back to a game. Skype will alert you when someone is calling and you can swap back to the app. Skype on the PS Vita is a big bonus for those who like a bit of pre-game video chat. It can be a perfect way to arrange multiplayer sessions and as a free app with the Vita, is one of the best there is.

Any other consoles?

We did quiz Skype on the chance of the video chat service turning up on any other games consoles. Our bet is that it is coming to Xbox, although Skype had nothing to say about it. 

In fact Skype had nothing to say about new devices whatsoever, taking the "no comment" route instead. We did, however, get this from Piero Sierra, its director of program management.

"What I can say is, we want Skype to be wherever users are.Our goal is to be on as many platforms as we can be wherever customers might be."

So then, Skype is where the users are? Well there are plenty of Xbox players out there, so who knows.