Skype has tweaked its app on the iPhone and iPad making it easier to send photos through its platform.

Users can now simply press the add button in the right-hand corner of the screen and then select from their camera roll or photo stream. Skype has also removed any restrictions on the size of files sent through the app, including photos. 

The update is also said to improve the overall performance of the app. Your contacts list will fire up faster once the app is opened and there will be no more glitches when the Skype app is running in the background of your iPhone or iPad. 

Skype has also said that despite the tweaks that come with the update the app will be “less battery hungry”, when it is run in the background, than users have previously found.

The Skype update for the iPhone and iPad will occur automatically to current users, while the latest version is available now free from the Apple App Store.

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