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(Pocket-lint) - Skype just got a little bit better for Mac users, with a host of new updates and the return of the odd feature too.

After listening to customer feedback, Skype has reintroduced the slim contact list. Rather than the contacts list being integrated into the main Skype window, it can now be viewed as a separate window that can be repositioned and resized accordingly.


Auto-rotation will now occur when Mac users are making Skype calls to Android and iOS devices. If an iPhone or iPad for example is turned horizontally then the Skype window on the Mac will automatically reconfigure. This is a feature that has already been available on Windows Phone but it’s the first time it has worked with Android and iOS devices. 

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Premium Skype users will also be able to "Screen Share", simultaneously displaying their desktop view and video call. This allows users to show online photos, for example, while being able to see the other person’s reaction.

Of course if you don’t want to pay the £5.99 a month subscription premium service, you’ll still be able to use this facility, only you’ll be restricted to audio calls. 

Skype 5.8 is available to download now, while existing Skype users can update their current version. Compatible with all current Mac operating systems, Skype has also said its latest version will work with Apple’s OS X Mountain Lion when that arrives in July. 

Sadly there is still no multiple chat window feature, though Skype has said this will be introduced very soon.

Have you used Skype 5.8 on your Mac? What do you think? Let us know your thoughts.

Writing by Danny Brogan.