Ever since Skype was taken over by Microsoft back in October 2011, a Skype app for its Windows Phone 7 operating system has been on the cards. And now it looks as though it's nearly here after vice president of Skype division, Rick Osterloh, said: "we're working on a Windows Phone product that will be coming out soon," during an interview at CES 2012.

The news that Skype will be heading to Windows Phone 7 has been hanging around for some time now as it was initially thought that Microsoft would be launching the Skype app a little earlier, possibly by the end of 2011. However it was not to be, so this "coming soon" CES 2012 quote is very timely.

In actual fact, the term "coming soon" could mean anything from the next few months, to within the year; it is suitably vague and very subjective.

There are, however, further reports coming in that Skype will be released in the first half of 2012, Paul Thurrott's blog suggesting this after delving deeply into some Microsoft "documentation".

What is certain, is that any Skype for WP7 release will be dependent on the rollout of the various versions of the Microsoft operating system, with both Tango and Apollo versions looking to be launched this year.

As Tango will come with video calling integration already, and acts as a good test-bed for hardware specific phones like the Lumia 900, we may not see a launch until later in the year when Apollo makes an appearance.