Microsoft has confirmed that Skype will be coming to Windows Phone 7.5, dubbed Mango, as it looks to include as many social services as possible for users wanting to stay connected on the go.

Already available on iPhone and Android, it is the first time Skype will be on the new Microsoft mobile OS, launched in 2010. 

Those expecting to be able to use Skype on their new phone straight away will be disappointed though. While Microsoft is happy to confirm to Pocket-lint that the service is coming to the mobile OS in the future, it won't confirm when or in what guise, be it "baked-in" or as a dedicated app.  

What is confirmed, however, is that Skype messages won't flow into the new Chat feature in the same way as Facebook. Currently WP7 users can communicate to the same contact in a number of different ways whether it's instant messaging, text or Facebook Chat. 

What Skype is likely to take advantage of is the new front facing camera found on all new Windows Phone 7 2011 devices announced so far.

Microsoft is still awaiting approval from the regulatory bodies to approve its purchase of Skype. 

Microsoft also confirmed that Google+, Google's new social network, not surprisingly, isn’t getting a look in for the time being. 

We will keep you posted.