Skype 5.3 for Mac has landed bringing with it support for Apple's new platform, Mac OS X Lion, and offering VoIPers access to HD video calling.

Obviously you'll need a HD camera for that feature, but luckily Apple has hemmed one into its latest iMacs and MacBooks; so quick, run down to your nearest Apple Store and hand over your hard earned cash now.

If you haven't got a thousand quid or so spare, you could just grab a HD webcam and plug that in to your old Mac.

And if you're not rocking Lion yet, don't worry because Skype 5.3 is backwards compatible all the way to Leopard.

It's been a busy month or so for Skype, with big changes afoot ever since Microsoft pulled out the big bucks to take over the VoIP giant. First it dialled in Facebook video calling, then version 5.5 added new features for Windows users, the iPad version went live and now this.

It's a Skype-revolution baby, you better believe it. That's what the boardroom in Redmond is praying at least...