Back in August last year Google rolled out voice calling within Gmail for lucky Statesiders and now finally, almost a year later, the search giant has made the service available for the UK and 37 other countries.

Calling from Gmail lets you dial up your buddies in over 150 destinations, and even gives you the price per minute in euros or the Queen's finest British pounds sterling.

Rates are pretty good as well with calls to UK mobiles costing 7p per minute, which is less than half the price that Skype offers.

In the States and Canada, Gmailers get landline calls for free - there's no word as to whether this feature will be hitting any other regions at present though.

The feature is rolling out over the next few days, when it's available to you you'll see a green phone icon show up at the top of your chat list. You’ll need to install the voice and video plug-ins first though.