It looks like Skype has managed to turn out yet another update to its now super slick Mac video calling software.

The 5.2 release brings with it group screen sharing, meaning you can share all your exciting spreadsheets with your bestest pals. All this video sharing fun comes at a price however, with one member of the party needing to have a Skype Premium subscription in order to benefit from the functionality. 

Also included is video enabled call control bar. What does this mean you might ask? Well essentially minimized video windows can still be viewed on the control bar. You can hang up on somebody or mute them but still see what they are up to, allowing you to use other programs and multitask properly while video calling. 

The conversations sidebar has now also been de-cluttered, bringing with it a much cleaner approach towards finding your most active chats, which are now grouped under recents. 

For those who want to find out more about what is new in Skype 5.2, head to its very own tricks and tips page for a full feature breakdown. 

Don't forget that Skype also finally made the decision to bring its video calling over to Android last week. A must try app for those who use Google-powered devices. 

Skype? Or FaceTime? Or not...?