The days of Skype users having to use the iPhone app on their iPad are about to come to an end following the news that Skype will launch a dedicated iPad version very shortly.

The news, confirmed to Apple website TUAW over the weekend follows a leaked video appearing on YouTube demoing the new app and it’s features. 

The video has since been pulled, but not before some got a recording of it. 

While the company has yet to officially go public with the news (We are still waiting a response from Skype), that hasn’t stopped Skype VP of Consumer and Product Design Rick Osterloh spilling the beans after the video went live only to be pulled hours later.

Osterloh told that the iPhone version of Skype burst out of the gate quickly, with a big launch and "a userbase that doubled in just a month's time." And he said the iPad version should "have a similar success," especially since it's basically the same in functionality: chatting, audio and video calling, and all of the other standard actions you can expect from Skype. The current app has been in testing for a few months now, and Osterloh is excited to unleash it on the public.

Skype users have long called for a dedicated iPad version, and even more so since the iPad 2’s launch with it’s two cameras.

The new app looks to offer similar functionality to the iPhone offering, however with a user interface designed to take advantage of the bigger screen size.

With Skype holding a series of briefings on Tuesday that Pocket-lint will be in attending, will bring you more news when it get it. 

UPDATE: The briefing came and went and there was no mention of the iPad app, however we did get a round of smiles when we mentioned it. We suspect it's going through final testing and not ready for the hands-on treatment. We will keep you posted.