If stacking cards and HP Synergy weren't enough to get you to jump aboard the webOS 2.2 revolution, then maybe this evidence of the deep Skype integration will be - especially if you're a fan of free international calling.

Now, we know that other phone operating systems offer free Skype calling - but they don't offer them as seamlessly and effortlessly as webOS 2.2 on the HP Pre3 will do.

These leaked screenshots, gathered by the chaps over at the webOS blog, show that Skype will be embedded within the fabric of webOS 2.2, giving users the option to automatically route all of their international calls through the VoIP client - without even opening up a separate app.

So if you want to call your uncle Stavros is Greece, your auntie Shelia in Australia or your cousin Stereotype in any other country, you can simply hit dial and not worry that you're going to be charged a fortune by your network.

3G and Wi-Fi video calling also looks like being on board, and you'll even be able to check your Skype credit from the webOS menu.

It's a similar setup to Google Voice users in the States get with Android, but with over 500 million active Skype users - this could be a big deal breaker for webOS and HP's new handsets.

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