Making a phone call is so 19th century. And even making a call on a mobile is like, so, 20th century. These days darlings, it's all about video calling on your TV. It's as if The Jetsons is coming true.

And now you can make calls with your Bravia TV after Sony announced the arrival of a Skype app for its web-connected home cinema range.

The app comes as part of a free update for all connected sets, one which also brings new social network enhancements.

You can now log in to your Facebook or Twitter profile directly from your TV, giving you the opportunity for a wealth of exciting status updates and tweets from your sofa. Oh, and all the mundane and annoying ones too.

Plus, the Bravia TV software update adds a media control function to the mix - whereby you can use your smartphone or table (Android or iOS) or a Vaio PC to control the action.

The firmware update will be notified to you automatically, so don't worry your pretty little head about a thing.