Skype has pulled out all the stops over the past few days and released an update to it's Android app, after finding a security vulnerability on Friday that allowed nefarious third-party applications possible access to Skype users' data.

“After a weekend of developing and testing, we have updated a new version of the Skype for Android application onto the Android Market, containing a fix to the vulnerability reported to us on Friday,” said Skype in an email to those who have downloaded the app in the past.

Users are urged to update the app as soon as possible “in order to help protect your information.”

The company hasn’t actually had any reported examples of third-party malicious applications mis-using information from the Skype directory on Android devices, but has made every effort to ensure that the security hole can't be exploited.

“Please rest assured that we do take your privacy and security very seriously and we sincerely apologise for any concern this issue may have caused,” it said.

You can get the newly updated app from the Marketplace now.

Skype Android security vulnerability confirmed