Skype has rolled out a new update for Windows (Skype 5.3) that fixes a number of small problems and improves the quality of video received from mobile devices; iPhone, iPad 2, Android and the like.

Other fixes and improvements include issues with unsent Instant Messages being deleted when switching to SMS mode in conversation, a problem with Call Phones number suggesting, which made it hard to call short numbers, and a new feature where Skype now shows users' presence icons on collapsed contact profile cards.

Pocket-lint has installed the new update, and it certainly seems to have improved video reception from iPhone, even during a bad signal, but we did have problems getting our existing Windows software to find the update when clicking on "Check for Updates" in the "Help" menu.

Instead, we had to visit the Skype site itself, and download the software from scratch. Then it updated as normal, so be aware.

The full list of fixes and improvements are:


Improved quality of video received from Skype on mobile devices.

Skype shows users' presence icons on collapsed contact profile cards.

Conversation topic editing button is now always available on the conversation header.

If a phone number is added to a profile after a failed call attempt, Skype starts a call automatically.

Automatically switch to SMS entry after user adds mobile phone number to profile after failing to send SMS due to lack of phone number.

Fixed issues:

Video sending was sometimes not started if user had set computer to auto-answer and to start sending video.

Outlook contacts without country code triggered error message when trying to call them after adding country code.

Two Call Quality Indicators were opened if user changed from default mode to compact mode when Call Quality Indicator was visible.

Call Phones number suggestion made it hard to call short numbers.

Long, not yet sent, IM entry was getting deleted when switching to SMS mode in conversation.

SMS button for emergency numbers was not disabled.

In case user who is not in your contact list tried to share a screen with you and then receiver declined, the sender was still seeing that he is sharing a screen.

In compact mode, call was not sent to full screen if user chose it from the main menu.

No credits popup on failed call showed rates for users default country and not a country where he tried to call.

Call phones localisations did not fit into user interface in some languages.

It was not possible to delete contacts from the contact list by pressing 'delete' key on keyboard.

When replacing a quote with a new quote, all the further messages sent to conversation appeared as quotes.

It was not possible to stop a screen sharing on a recovered call.

Cancelling file transfer dialog was not correctly displayed in right-to-left languages.

Adding a number to contacts profile played a Windows default error sound sound.

Adding people to ongoing call did not indicate which persons are selected already.

Sending contacts windows did not indicate which contacts are selected.

Skype also acknowledges that some Internet Explorer pop-ups may appear during certain times, but is yet to isolate and fix these errors.

What do you think of the latest version of Skype for Windows? Let us know your thoughts in the comments below...