After introducing Skype-enabled TVs at last year's CES 2010, Skype has now increased the range of TVs available to buy with its face to face communication at CES 2011.

Sony and Vizio plan on shipping Skype-enabled Sony BRAVIA and VIZIO VIA TVs during 2011, joining the products from Panasonic and Samsung that are already available to buy.

As the Skype blog states: "We’ve also been working with Panasonic and Sony to make it easy for you to get Skype on your existing TV. Soon you’ll be able to buy a Skype-enabled Panasonic or Sony Blu-ray Player and webcam and enjoy rich, real-time video conversations with friends and family around the world from your living room".

Skype says that "ubiquity, intimacy, accessibility" is what it's all about, and now that more manufactures are on board with the company, 2011 could be when this kind of tech really makes a splash - especially with the growing trend for more and more gadgets becoming internet connected.

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