Skype is expected to bring video calling to the iPhone in the near future if a help document found on the company’s servers is anything to go by.

Found this Christmas, the document details how users should go about making a video call from their Apple phone – something that isn’t currently possible.

“How do I make video calls with Skype for iPhone?” asks the Verizon and Skype co-branded document before going into doing just that.

The document, which is still available (in Japanese) and uncovered by Engadget, details plenty of more new details about what will and won’t be available.

Users will be able to make video calls on Wi-Fi and 3G on an iPhone 4, iPhone 3GS, a third or fourth generation iPod touch, and the iPad (although it doesn’t have a camera).

According to the document, users will be able to use both cameras:

“With the two cameras front and back with your iPhone or iPod touch is, Skype can switch between cameras during a video call. iPhone 3GS in the back of the camera is used at all times. By changing landscape mode automatically changes the orientation of the camera image.”

Users, say the document, will also be able to share participate in a shared screen for both the Windows and OSX versions of Skype.

Unfortunately the help document doesn’t give us a launch date of the new service, but with CES just around the corner and a Skype press conference scheduled we suspect we won’t have long to wait.