Skype seems to be struggling to get itself going again, following some unexpected downtime which we brought you news of a couple of hours ago. Naturally, people have been in uproar that their favourite dependable, cuddly, free, VoIP and IM client is suddenly not there. 

Skype has posted an update on its website informing the distressed masses that they are investigating and explaining a little more about the system and the problem. 

According to the details (and we’re sure it is much, much, more complicated than this), the problem is with some of the supernodes, which they describe as “a bit like phone directories for Skype”.

It seems that many of the supernodes went offline due to a problem with some versions of Skype. There is no mention of what the problem might be, or what versions of the software might be behind it, but we’ve been offline with v5 (beta) for Mac.

The solution, it seems, will be to create “mega-supernodes” which will return the service to normal. Something is happening, as we’ve been seeing the Skype icon on our menu bar flash between online and offline for the last 30 minutes or so.

You can read the details yourself over on the Skype status update page where the message also appears in German, if that’s your preference. They also advise following them on Twitter @skype.

Don't worry Skype, we still love you.