Skype is getting into the spirit of Internet Week Europe, by announcing that it will be offering free Wi-Fi during the festival.

What this means, is that from 8 November to 12 November, you'll be able to access the web for nowt when you're out and about by using any hotspot that has the Skype Access platform available on it.

Skype Access is a payment portal that works in partnership with public Wi-Fi networks (including some big players like Boingo, BT Openzone, The Cloud and Spectrum Interactive) which lets you use your Skype credit to pay for web access.

But, during the free period, you'll simply need your Skype login details (and the latest version of Skype for the device you want to get online) and you won't pay penny one.

Internet Week Europe is a 5-day festival that has "been set up to celebrate the very best of Europe's digital industry, with events hosted by The BBC, Yahoo, Creative Review, Google, Lonely Planet, Channel 4 and more".

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