Having brought you the news last month that Skype was bringing group video calling to its service, the company looks to be spreading its wings with the announcement of Skypekit; an open SDK (software development kit) which will allow developers to integrate the service into a wide range of gadgets and apps.

This already takes place to an extent through direct partnerships with certain companies, but this move means Skype should become a lot more prevalent especially as Skype will be built-in to gadgets -  removing the need for a separate desktop application.

Not only will this integration involve Skype calling, but video chat as well, so Skype will be joining the iPhone 4 in making video calling all the rage - oh joy.

Only available for Linux at the moment, SkypeKit will no doubt follow onto Windows and Mac in due course, so be sure to let us know your thoughts on this move by Skype to get more integrated in your gadgets.